Shape your meeting culture

tooqan’s mission is bringing visibility on key aspects of meetings and providing personalised guidance for improvement. This means inefficiencies are quickly spotted and time spent in meetings becomes more productive.

1Know how effective your meetings are

Establish a culture in which everybody feels enabled to provide honest feedback after each meeting. Get insights on whether meetings move the company forward, if they are worth employees' time and if there is positive interaction.

  • Quick feedback on key aspects
  • Evaluate business impact, time invested, mood
  • Create transparency

2Track and act on what matters

Get insights that drive better meetings. Our analytics combine meta data with feedback from participants to determine the quality of your meetings and to direct focus for improvement. Start to understand your meetings better by seeing the big picture.

  • Measure improvement on meeting quality
  • Visualise meetings by metrics
  • Focus on key meetings

Drive personal growth

Give individuals and teams the tools they need to grow. Experience a new way of learning that provides every person with personalised and actionable guidance through action points, best practices, and feedback from colleagues.

  • Implement action points
  • Act on feedback
  • Focus on the right things at the right time
  • Engage in continuous learning

4Measure your return on meetings

Is your company getting the most out of meetings? tooqan helps managers understand the meeting culture dynamics across the organisation, making it easier to support teams and encourage positive change.

  • Assess meeting quality across the organisation
  • Evaluate your investment in meetings
  • Bring company values to life



finds meetings unproductive


Says meetings keep them from deep thinking


Feels overwhelmed by the number of meetings


Says meetings are the no. 1 time waster

Sounds familiar? We experienced it firsthand. We noticed a more profound change in culture is needed for uncovering the full potential of meetings at any organization. With tooqan, we want to empower you and your team to create even more value, faster and happier.

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